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Carbon Fiber Sporting Goods

26 mountain bike rims

26 mountain bike rims

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Product name
26 mountain bike rims
Size 700C
Rim shape U shape
Carbon fiber,front 2 rear 5 bearing
Quantity (pairs)
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We are a professional manufacturer of high-quality carbon fiber bicycle rims and 26 mountain bike rims. As a professional carbon fiber manufacturer, we have advanced production equipment and technology and are committed to providing high-quality products that meet customer needs.

Our carbon fiber bicycle rims are made of high-quality carbon fiber material, which are lightweight, strong and durable, and can provide an excellent riding experience. At the same time, we also provide a variety of sizes and styles of wheels to meet the needs of different customers.

Our products have a strict quality control system to ensure that each product meets international standards and passes multiple tests and certifications. At the same time, we also provide personalized customization services, and can customize carbon fiber wheels of different sizes and styles according to customer needs.

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